Time of healing, compassion and service

Platform for creative cooperation to bring peace into the souls, love and care into the hearts and calmness into the minds

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The aim of this platform is to bring awareness through the cultural movement that cultivates kindness, generosity, equanimity, courage, compassion, dignity, sanity, self respect, ability to listen to intuition, and understanding of universal law and truth.


Stage of mindfulness is an organisation which unites organisations for creative cooperation to inspire and motivate people to find inner peace and happiness trough various projects, events, trainings, workshops, and media stream collaborations.


“Life is a path, a goal and a reward. Life is a dance of Love. Your destination is to blossom. BE is a great gift to the world. Your life is the history of the universe. And therefore life is more beautiful than all theories. Treat life as a holiday, for life is valuable in itself. Life consists of the present. And the meaning of the present is to be in the present.”

From wisdom of king Solomon

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